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Older Americans Proclamation

Older  Americans  Month  2017                                                               AGE OUT LOUD:  May 2017


Whereas, Summers County Council on Aging, Inc. includes older Americans who richly contribute to
our community; and

Whereas, we acknowledge that what it means ”to age” has changed-for the better.

Whereas, Summers County Council on Aging, Inc. is committed to supporting older adults as they take
charge of their health, explore new opportunities and activities, and focus on independence; and

Whereas, Summers County Council on Aging, Inc. can provide opportunities to enrich the lives of
individuals of all ages by:
• involving older adults in the redefinition of aging in our community;
• promoting home- and community-based services that support independent living;
• encouraging older adults to speak up for themselves and others; and
• providing opportunities for older adults to share their experiences.

Now therefore, We of Summers County, West Virginia do hereby proclaim May 2017 to be Older Americans
Month. We urge every resident to take time during this month to acknowledge older adults and the
people who serve them as influential and vital parts of our community.
Dated this 24th day of April, 2017
Linville F. Goins, Executive Director, SCCOA

Summers County Council on Aging
120 Second Ave
Hinton, WV 25951

Cindy Garrett - Executive Director

Phone: (304) 466-4019

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